Remote Physiotherapy Appointments Mar 19 2020

In response to the evolving Government recommendations surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak we have decided to stop face to face consultations. We are committed to providing expert physiotherapy advice and progressing patient care during this challenging time. We understand the importance of maintaining and improving physical health and we want to enable this to continue. Our solution is to offer new and existing patients remote physiotherapy appointments.

What is a remote physiotherapy appointment?

A remote physiotherapy appointment is an appointment conducted either over a video call service such as Face Time or Skype, or over the telephone. This enables you to receive advice without having to travel to the physiotherapy clinic.

How do I book a remote physiotherapy appointment?

Remote physiotherapy appointments can be booked in several ways:

1. Online Website Booking:

If you are self funding then we are offering 45 minute appointments for a reduced rate of £40. If you are using your health insurance then feel free to book the relevant appointment online or email us if you are unsure.

2. Phone booking:

Give us a call on: 020 3488 2244

3. Email booking:

Send us an email to:

How do I select how I wish to access the remote service?

Once the booking is received, your physiotherapist will contact you to ask which is your preferred method of accessing our remote service. This will include Skype, FaceTime, telephone or any other method that we can set up for you. We aim to offer a range of methods to be accessible to everyone.

What will happen during my remote physiotherapy session?

The remote session will work in the same way as a face to face session. Your physiotherapist will ask a series of questions and where possible assess movement to ascertain the problem and provide a diagnosis. You will then be provided with a treatment plan and shown which exercises you need to do. Following your session you will be emailed an exercise program and links to any equipment that is advised for your rehabilitation.

The Executive Physiotherapy team are committed to providing expert physiotherapy care during this period, please get in touch if you require more information regarding this service and one of our physiotherapy team will get back to you.

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