Functional Movement Screening Dec 08 2017

Functional movement screening is used in elite sport to enhance performance and reduce injury. Athletes undergo screening at the start of the season and the results are used to shape their training for the rest of the year.

The screening process that has been proven to enhance athletic performance is now available to you.

The Screening involves 7 key tests that look at the whole body and the way it performs under physical stress. The tests can be adapted depending on the athlete’s chosen sport and area of focus.

The results of numerous scientific studies have proven that Functional Movement Screening reduces the risk of injury throughout the season and ensures that training programmes can be expertly tailored to meet the performance needs of the athlete.

If you would like to improve your sporting performance, safely increase your one rep max or reduce your risk of injury for the coming year then talk to one of the personal trainers or physiotherapists about booking a Functional Movement Screening Assessment.

Assessments take one hour to complete. Re-testing the assessment would be at 8 weeks or 12 weeks depending on your level of training.

The results of the assessment would be used to thoroughly assess your biomechanics and risk of injury, highlight areas for improvement and ensure that your personal training programme is fully tailored to meet your specific performance goals.

Introductory Offer - FMS package - initial appointment, re-test at 8 or 12 weeks and tailored performance coaching £200.

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