Gait Analysis Aug 18 2017

The London Podiatry Centre has one of the most advanced dedicated Podiatric Gait facilities in Europe and we have access to kinetic (pressure) and kinematic (movement) technology like F-Scan and Vicon (motion analysis that is mainly seen medical research and the movie industry.

You may ask, how does this technology help me to identify my injuries or issues? Well, no clinician can see pressure, forces or the actual movements that occur deep inside the joints of the lower limb. Also, patients are not all text book in their presentation and what we think is occurring or should happen in terms of ‘biomechanics’, our experience or what we have been taught is not always the case. As a clinician who has worked in places with and without this technology, I can tell you that having access to this technology does move patient care to another level which is not available in other podiatry services.

You are probably asking, how does the results from the technology translate into helping me get better? The results from this technology allows us to ‘see’ and measure objectively the amount of pressure distribution in certain areas your feet, it allows us to measure the forces you exert on the ground and it can tell us about the joint movements in all the planes of movement. This coupled with a detailed clinical examination enables us to distinguish anomalies in your gait (walking or running) that may not have otherwise been noticed or considered by others who do not have access to this technology. Building on this information we can devise a detailed treatment plan with our associates from Executive Physiotherapy, to resolve the issues identified from the gait analysis data. We are then able, after a period of rehabilitation, to re- measure you to see if those aspects that are causing problems have improved. There are not many podiatry services that we are willing to or can do this!

We also offer a wide array of services that range from problems that affect skin and nails to diagnostic ultrasound to foot surgery. All treatments and opinions are provided by highly qualified clinicians and our service is led by Mr Ron McCulloch, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon. If you have any foot and ankle concerns, we are the service you should consider seeing first! Please click on the link below to see more about our service.

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