Shin Splints: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome Jun 19 2020

Restrictions on exercise options has seen many people taking up running in recent months. This has led to a rise in running related injuries seen in our online physiotherapy clinic. Shin splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is characterised by exercise induced lower leg pain commonly seen in runners and other high impact sports.


  • Pain on applying pressure to the lower shin
  • Pain during exercise
  • Dull ache following exercise that can last hours or days

This injury is linked to overuse, repetitive traction forces applied to the soft tissue and outer layer of the bone lead to inflammation. There are links with bone stress injuries, where the normal bone remodelling processes cannot keep up with the increases in training loads. If left untreated it has been linked to development of tibial stress fractures.

Like many injuries prevention is easier than cure so check your risk factors.

Risk Factors:

  • High BMI
  • Reduced/Excessive Ankle Movement
  • Foot Posture 
  • Poor Hip/Ankle control
  • Inadequate Footwear
  • Lacking Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Rapid Increases in Training Load

During your physiotherapy session we check lower limb range of movement, strength and control. This is essential optimise your running biomechanics and reduce shin loading. We assess your footwear to ensure you are running in shoes which provide enough stability and shock absorption. Additionally your training regime and load will be analysed to ensure that you are including adequate strength and conditioning, and to eliminate erratic loading habits.

If you need any advice on this or any other running related injuries then please get in touch.

Enjoy your running and stay injury free!

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