Resistance Bands Jul 07 2017

Resistance bands are often used by physiotherapists and sports professionals as an easy, adaptable, safe and cheap way of completing strengthening exercises in the home or gym environment. The bands can be used for almost any muscle group in the body and are suitable for people of all ages.

The evidence for the use of resistance bands for strength gains is unequivocal. What is perhaps more surprising is the evidence to support the use of resistance bands for postural control, proprioceptive control (balance) and improvements in movement patterns and muscle recruitment.

When a muscle shortens to produce force it is said to be working concentrically. Muscular control is also needed as a muscle lengthens under load and it is said to be working eccentrically. In the example of the biceps muscle, as the elbow bends the biceps works concentrically, as the elbow straightens the biceps work eccentrically to ensure smooth and controlled motion against the triceps. The bands provide resistance throughout a joint’s range of motion and ensures that the muscles work both concentrically and eccentrically against resistance. Working the muscles in this way ensures greater strength and functional gains.

Your physiotherapist will demonstrate the exercises they would like you to complete during the treatment session. For a reminder of the exercises click on the Exercise heading at the top of the screen.

The link below can be used to purchase resistance cables or resistance bands online:



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