The London Podiatry Centre

I can thoroughly recommend Leanne O’Brien and Josephine O’Callaghan as outstanding physiotherapists who have greatly assisted with the management of patients assessed at The London Podiatry Centre. They are part of our team and their input has resulted in the successful management of many of our patients with gait abnormalities and sporting injuries.

- Ron McCulloch, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon


Many injuries are the result of an abnormality in function and particularly how a person walks or runs. Chronic afflictions of gait can in effect lead to a repetitive strain injury. It is essential to understand how a specific deficiency in walking or running may have led to an injury or condition.

Gait analysis is an important diagnostic tool that allows practitioners to understand why a problem is occurring so that an optimal evidence-based treatment approach can be initiated. The London Podiatry Centre offers an extremely advanced level of gait analysis, which includes three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic technology. Three-dimensional biomechanical analysis is the gold standard in movement interpretation and allows for the recognition of a number of abnormalities that cannot be detected by simpler observational means. The London Podiatry Centre produces detailed reports on a patient's gait followed by an appropriate treatment plan which could include an extensive range of treatment options from rehabilitation to surgery, injection therapy footwear change and manipulation.

The data obtained from gait analysis is complex and it is essential that physiotherapists are able to fully understand our reports so that appropriate rehabilitation can be undertaken to deal with deficiencies that have been noted. Ms O’Brien and Ms O’Callaghan have an excellent understanding of the principles of gait analysis and how deficiencies in gait can best be managed from a physiotherapy perspective. This is one of the reasons why our working relationship has flourished.

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