Coxless Crew

In 2015/16 we set 2 World Records in being the first ever team and first ever female team, to row across the Pacific, from America to Australia. Over 8,446miles, taking 9 months to complete.

- Laura Penhaul Coxless Crew Team Lead & Lead Physiotherapist Team GB Paralympics


The physical preparations for this expedition were crucial, to ensure our bodies would be physically robust enough to withstand repetitive ocean rowing and what the sea would throw at us. Josephine O'Callaghan played a significant role in helping us to prepare for our challenge. As a fellow physio I went to Jose as I trusted her clinical expertise and skill with Pilates coaching. 

Jose was able to strip back to the basics to aid our movement patterns and made the teaching specific to our needs with what we could apply whilst on the oars or in a small space in the cabin. This was hugely helpful alongside our strength and conditioning programme and not only helped us in the gym but more importantly helped us transfer force better when we were on the pads. Huge thanks from the whole team to Jose for her input.

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