Men's Health Magazine

Having Josephine on hand throughout my transformation was an integral contributing factor to its success.

- Ted Lane, Commissioning Editor, Men’s Health


I worked closely with Josephine over the course of a 12-week body transformation training plan for Men’s Health magazine. I began the programme with a pre-existing injury in my left shoulder that I’d be carrying for years and couldn’t shift. Within a couple of week of stretching, strengthening and even electro-stimulation it was fixed and remains fixed to this day. Over the course of the 12-weeks I remained injury-free, nipping every niggle in the bud, with the help of Josephine’s expertise, before it was able to develop into something serious. Most interestingly for those with a passion for training, however, was that every prescription is offered with a “why”, helping you to better understand your body and avoid injury in the future.

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